Talking Misogyny and Feminism.

There’s a tumblr post I see periodically that says something to the effect of “misogyny kills. misandry hurts feelings.” I posted a screencap of another tumblr post that showed bits of news articles about misogyny and violence/treats of violence and captioned it with corresponding comments I’ve read/heard/been told. (I’ll put it under the cut in a sec with my added commentary) and a friend of mine (who, despite the fact that I was being honest when I told him I felt sick to my stomach and incredibly anxious whenever I post about feminism because of the dread I feel about his* comments, he is someone who I like and enjoy being friends with in general) commented with what could (and I’m sure, is, by him and others) be seen as a totally reasonable response. I’m gonna go into this all behind the cut. Before I do, though, I want to thank said friend for respecting me when I asked him to stop commenting. I very strongly appreciate it.

*he is not the only person who evokes this visceral reaction in me with facebook comments, I should also point out, though this reaction is almost exclusively evoked by male friends commenting on feminism/feminism-adjacent posts.

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It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Dies: Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Illness


Even if her diagnosis is different than what is considered as a possibility, no matter what the diagnosis and whether or not we ever learn what it is, treating Amanda Bynes’s breakdown as a joke, a spectacle, or anything less than a serious symptom of her mental health issues is wrong.

Originally posted on Let's Queer Things Up!:

Internet, we need to have a talk.

I’ve had a number of readers ask why I’ve neglected to write about Amanda Bynes this last year. It’s simple, really. I don’t believe that celebrities are “fair game,” and that, when they have very human and very difficult struggles, I should capitalize on those things by writing an article, however well-intentioned. I believe they are deserving of privacy and respect, by virtue of their being people.

However, I’m making an exception here, because in the midst of the negative and callous press that Bynes has received, I think it’s time we had a chat about it from a different perspective. And then, after we’re done, I think it’s time we stop speculating about it altogether. Deal?

First and foremost, there is no way for us to know what, if anything, Bynes has been diagnosed with. The family has denied schizophrenia and bipolar…

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Totally Crushing on this Singer Songwriter

I seem to have a weakness for Canadians….

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Hurry Up and Wait

Hope everyone (in the US and Canada, anyway, I dunno if other countries had a holiday) had a lovely holiday weekend. The job starting process proceeds apace, and I’ve cleared my first hurdles, but someone who’s required for the final hurdle to be leapt is on vacation, so I may not start on the 27th after all. (Though that person is back for the 27th, so I may just spend my first day dealing with that stuff, it’s unclear at this time.)

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Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day and Ends Mental Illness Awareness Week

So I’m going to tell you two coming out-related stories about me. YAY! I’m doing this today because I internet about 99.9% less on weekends than on unemployed weekdays (ie ALL THE WEEKDAYS FROM MAR 1 2013 TO OCT 24 2014! SOOOOO glad to be getting a job, even if it means less time for very fulfilling volunteering.)

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A more accepting age? Why stigma is nowhere near a thing of the past

Originally posted on purplepersuasion:


  1. fig. A mark of disgrace or infamy; a sign of severe censure or condemnation, regarded as impressed on a person or thing; a ‘brand’.

Example: 1882   J. H. Blunt Reformation Church of Eng. II. 172   Branded with the stigma of illegitimacy.

Oxford English Dictionary


I’m particularly lucky where stigma is concerned. Despite having had bipolar since early adolescence, generally I have not experienced much stigma and discrimination. Some of it is to do with how open I am (it’s harder for someone to attack you if anything they could potentially use against you is already out in the open) but some of it must just be pure lucky because almost everyone I know who has a mental health condition has experienced much worse stigma. I know people who have been turned down at interview or hounded out of jobs, people who rejected by friends and family, people verbally…

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I know I haven’t posted in a while

I had a quick sidetrip into depression. boo. but quick, yay! Actually really very short. like, 3-4 daysish. and then my not posting was easier than posting while lots of things were happening. so here’s the nitty gritty that’s been going on.

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