First day on the new job

was mostly good. but it was bookended with mega suck, which sorta takes the shine off my day.

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Several happenings

Happening one: Yesterday I discovered that I accidentally made alcoholic coffee–(not technically kahlua, because it was accidental and didn’t have sugar or vanilla, just cold brew coffee concentrate)

Happening two: My hair will be pimple-free because today I washed it with my face wash before realizing my mistake and using the more traditional shampoo.


Happening four: I’ve done 40 pushups over the past day and a half. (one of those exercise challenges, the FB way–a pushup per like on a certain post.)

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Keeping it light

it’s gonna be a puff piece today folks. A  list of the stupid things my boyfriend and I argue about (for a fairly broad interpretation of the word ‘argue’)

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My life as a Roller Derby Dad | John Maclean

Mona Rampage’s dad tells all about My life as a Roller Derby Dad | John Maclean.

“I believe passionately that roller derby should be used as a role model for other competitive sports, encouraging women to celebrate their individuality, be proud of their bodies and not be afraid to express their sexual orientation and smash gender norms that suggest female contact sports are ‘violent’.”
– Grace ‘Mona Rampage’ Maclean

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Frustration, Stress, Guilt, and DERBY

Derby up front: DCRG’s 4th annual Thanksgiving Scrimmage was yesterday! It was super fun. I needed super fun because the weekend was stressful. I wrote all about it but despite wordpress constantly doing the thing it does when it saves drafts, it did not actually save any drafts and when I tried to publish it is got all snippy with me asking if I really wanted to do it and then it deleted everything I typed. So lets just assume that Thursday-Saturday was very stressful, and then Sunday was fun, and now I’m annoyed at WordPress.

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Handicapped parking and fear of harassment | ChroniCarly

My friend Carly talks about invisible illness and getting hassled for using the parking spaces she has every right to use:

Handicapped parking and fear of harassment | ChroniCarly.

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I own every bell that tolls me

I remember when I was 5 or 6, and my mom had just refused me something, or yelled at me, or something. I have no idea what she did, but I was so mad at her and the unfairness of the situation. I flopped down on the red couch and put my cheek against the part of the arm where the fabric was worn to softness from our dog Snooky’s sneak naps on the couch when we weren’t home and I thought about how unfair everything is, and then wondered at the idea that there are people who, when faced with unfairness, or hardship, have the desire to die. Continue reading

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