Race ya.

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I am a white person.
I am occasionally a little bit clueless.
I am sometimes a bit racist.

Okay, now, hold on, everybody! I’m not, like, proud of that statement. The only people who are proud of that statement … I actually don’t know anyone who is proud of that statement. White supremacists? Hitler youth? No one wants to be racist. That’s why people begin statements that are usually super racist with the phrase “I don’t want to sound racist, but…” 

(Tip: If you start a sentence that way, you are almost always going to say something incredibly racist).

I don’t want to be racist. No one actually wants to be a racist.

But I have been known to say or do clueless, ignorant, or hurtful things before, because of a subconscious prejudice against people who don’t look like me.

Do I enjoy the experience of owning up to that…

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Progress Report

So I am taking part in an off-season DCRG workout tourney (our TriWizards Tournament! Yes really. I got sorted into a house and EVERYTHING) and that started this week. I’ve worked out every morning except yesterday (because an unplanned 4 mile walk left me tired and a bit sore)… got me thinking about where I am, progress-wise.

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I Don’t Know What to Do With Good White People

The problem is that you can never know someone else’s intentions. And sometimes I feel like I live in a world where I’m forced to parse through the intentions of people who have no interest in knowing mine. A grand jury believed that Darren Wilson was a good officer doing his job. This same grand jury believed than an eighteen-year-old kid in a monstrous rage charged into a hailstorm of bullets toward a cop’s gun.Wilson described Michael Brown as a black brute, a demon. No one questioned Michael Brown’s intentions. A stereotype does not have complex, individual motivations. A stereotype, treated as such, can be forced into whatever action we expect.

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So I haven’t been updating because I’ve been busy doing all sorts of stuff and I’m redoing my blogging plan.

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Actually feeling like a competent adult

New posting schedule and related blog business to come….

I’m starting to settle into a routine. It is a bit of a tired and grumpy routine at times, but it’s a routine, and I am adjusting. I got a lot done tonight after work, and last night was derby!

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What is it about coming home?

Apparently the problem with my life is returning home after work. Although I got off on the right stop tonight, so there’s that.

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I am the most capable ever

I’m the best at adulting! LET ME TELL YOU HOW GOOD AT ADULTING I AM, FOR LO, I am kind of terrible at it.

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