Mostly the latter. Although technically I am wearing pink…because I’m wearing this shirt that thinkgeek apparently doesn’t sell anymore. Anyway I had visits with Tricky Lake and Screwy Decimal today, and it was lovely.

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right? it’s not just me? tuesdays are totally weird. They keep trying to convince you that they’re other days and then you’re like “oh, wait, it’s only tuesday.”

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I got distracted by working on things and napping. But apparently it’s my anniversary of blogging at wordpress! yay or something. ACHIEVEMENT!

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First I slept through my alarm (7:30) until 9. (I went to sleep around midnight.) Then around 12:30 I fell asleep again until 3:30. I’ve had a non-migraine headache all day in my right temple. Other than that I feel find. What’s goin on, body? What’re you up to?

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Despite not posting yet this week, there was a fairly large upswing in site visits yesterday. I can only assume that people were checking to see if I had anything to say about World Suicide Prevention Day, which was yesterday, September 10th, as it is every year. I probably would have posted, but I was busy with some self care.

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An excerpt from my friend Jane’s blog. Please go read the rest!

Well, it is incredibly dehumanising. It’s invalidating. It’s othering. It means that whatever efforts this person has gone to and if you know anything about gender transition you are aware that it is a process that is so difficult it often – too often – results in a person killing themselves; it is indescribably arduous and painful, whatever their presentation, whatever their wishes, that it’s not “good enough” to be judged female. That furthermore, the person has proactively chosen to refer to them by a word or name that this person does not wish for themselves.That’s pretty disgusting. That this person has gone through this process that is acknowledged to be so difficult as to literally kill people, and is coming to you from what is acknowledged to be a position of deep vulnerability, and the response is to choose to invalidate all that, to choose to, to their face, explain that you don’t think they deserve to be treated with the dignity of any other woman.It is exactly equivalent to using an epithet to refer to someone’s ethnic background. You know they don’t want to be called that, but in your head, they are that, and you are referring to them as that despite their wishing to be treated like a human. The way you want to be treated.

via Deep Thoughts: Misgendering as violence and why you need to stop.


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I know I’m getting better because I’m sitting at home waiting impatiently (SO impatiently) for a delivery of…vacuum bags. As in, bags that go in the vacuum. Because the one that came with my vacuum is full and I haven’t been able to budget for them until now. Last time I used the vacuum and it worked was 2 Sundays ago.

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