Lots of fancy things this week!
fancy thing number 1: I drove myself to the library and back yesterday and it didn’t hurt at all! (non-fancy thing: there seems to be some sort of glue on my leg that soap and water won’t wash off and moisturizer does not moisten. so I have a ring of lizard skin around my incision. Incision continues to heal nicely though!)

fancy thing number two: I felt good enough that I pulled my couch out and vacuumed behind it in the first time in *mumble mumble* and then I turned it into a bed and really got the vacuum into the “crack” where the back and seat meet (I regularly vacuum there but with the couch in couch-mode, so I never know if I’m missing stuff. Which I very much was.)

fancy thing number three: The Boy and I are going on a date tonight! (We mostly just hang out and maybe go get food when we are hungry. I don’t know that we’ve been on a real date since the first one, lol. Wait, no, we went on one to see The Avengers.) We’re going to the movies, courtesy of free tickets my mom gave me. Gonna see the new Captain America so I can take it off tumblr savior finally. I’m gonna dress a little nicer and wear makeup, even. (Mostly because I want to play with my makeup. Shut up.)


Well it’s red and scaly from the bandage adhesive, and that stings when I wash, moisturize, and/or scratch (it’s ITCHY) but the incision is fine. There was a little bit of the glue left on it yesterday but it’s almost all gone today. The incision doesn’t hurt, and neither does using my leg. It’s FANTASTIC.

This Saturday is home team Champs. I mentioned earlier this month (I think, or last?) that there was a three way tie for first place. The league had to vote on how to handle it, and the decision was (I think-I wasn’t in on the vote) to go by point totals. So our game for first and second place will be between the Majority Whips and Scare Force One, and the game for third and fourth place will be between the Demoncats and the Bombshells. I’ll be in the box and it will undoubtedly be glorious!


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Went to the doctor today for a surgical follow up. The Physicians Assistant was a super cute redhead with glasses and she was really nice. It felt amazing (and sort of painful, since it was an involuntary waxing of hairs that had grown over the past couple weeks) to get the bandage off. My brother has been telling me that based on the bruising pattern I had an infection but he was wrong! (coming from a loving place, but WRONG WRONG WRONG I TOLD YOU SO HA HA HA I AM BEST.) My leg is fine. The doc had a group of interns learning from him today so I got to pretend I was in an episode of Scrubs. Apparently I am a model patient, though, so it was a terrible, boring episode ;)

The upshot is that I can return to showering immediately (which is great because baths take SO LONG if you do them right, which you have to do, because BATHS) and can submerge it in a week. I can return to regular activities now, skating in two weeks, and contact (assuming I pass my safety assessment sans leg-break this time!) in late summer. Woo! Time to write up a cross-training schedule!


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Yesterday I drove to therapy and the grocery store. I have had two have two naps and a full night of sleep since. It’s EXHAUSTING. Otherwise, I’ve basically just been watching TV and coloring. And so much NAPPING.

On Saturday, the DC Rollergirls, roller derby league to the nation’s capitol, played the Riddeau Valley Vixens, roller derby league to a different nation’s capitol (Ottawa, Canada). US VERSUS CANADA! TO THE DEEEEEEAAAAAAAATH! Woo! USA! USA! USA! And then the National Maulers played against the Rocktown Rollers. They’re from a little closer to home. and here is me, with the *dramatic music* Bout Report.

*switches what camera I’m looking at*

First up we had the very highly anticipated international capitols bout. The Riddeau skaters sang the Canadian national anthem, because we couldn’t find anyone who knew all the words in time. I have to say I was a little embarrassed, but it was embarrassment on behalf of the entire nation, not on behalf of DCRG, because we didn’t leave it until the last minute, we actually tried. Then a tiny, tiny girl sang the American anthem. She was either 11 or 14–I can’t remember which. But she was pretty good and belted like whoa. Then the bout started. Kim Deal with It and VelocityRaptor announced.

Riddeau started out behind, taking a page from Charm’s strategy of testing the waters to see how their opponents play before really solidifying their strategy. DC took the lead, and then Riddeau decided to take it back, and then the lead totally switched like a million times and rarely got more than a few points apart for the first half of the period. DC pulled ahead by around 20 points during the second half of period one, though. During period 2, the score switched back and forth again over and over but then Riddeau took the lead and held it right during the last few minutes. Final score, 180-165, Riddeau. Afterward, I went over to one of the bench coaches to compliment her on 1) her fox ears and tail and 2) the delight that was having her skaters in the box. She joked that it was a Canadian thing and I quietly delighted in her Ottawan vowels.

After halftime, when I visited with Kim Deal with It, we had the Rocktown Rollers vs the National Maulers. Kim asked if I had seen Rocktown play before and I admitted I had not. SHe told me they’re a scrappy bunch and she was right! (I have seen several members of Rocktown play at DC-hosted scrimmages, but not the entire team.) This was a less-close bout but it was still really good. The National Maulers were playing super cleanly, which was both great, because yay few penalties! but also not great because I was like “I would like to do my job please.” At the half the score was 106-40, and it was my mental goal for Rocktown to pass the century mark before the bout ended. Not because I felt bad for them, but because they were playing so well I wanted the score to reflect that more. (They were pretty awesome, you guys.) And when the second half ended, the score was 207-107. So I say this was a TOTAL WIN FOR EVERYONE. YAY! (And I feel like the skaters all agreed.)

So today (Wednesday) is also the anniversary of my maternal grandfather’s death. We used one of his bandana’s at scrimmage Monday (to indicate which team a jam ref was tracking) and it got a little ripped. I feel bad about making Dread feel bad-my first reaction was to tear up a little. But it’s minimal damage, really, and after thinking about it a bit, I think Granddad would be happy that someone was getting some use out of it. Plus he used it for so many years to wipe the dust off his brow and blow his nose that if it had to go, I think he’d want it to go out working (which I know is silly, but also true.) It means more having gotten a little damage from roller derby than from going in the wash, after all. And I still have two others from him (plus others that I got at Department of Skate.)

Last year at the service I shared the words of a redditor about how when you look at the stars and planets, you may be seeing the light that left them when your grandparents looked at the sky. It ended “your grandparent’s aren’t gone, they’re traveling.” I wonder where Granddad is visiting today. <3

Surgery Day!

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Well, today was the day! The week as planned out here wasn’t EXACTLY right (mostly regarding my prescriptions) but it was basically on target. Last night The Boy took my to my Grandmom’s, and my parents, who had taken Grandmom out for dinner, let us enjoy their leftover seafood pasta, which was delish. The Boy headed home to feed his cat and I headed to bed to read the internet on my phone before going to sleep. I woke up at 3:45 am to pee and couldn’t get back to sleep (mostly because I knew Dad intended to get up at 4:30 because he was positive it would take a lot longer to get to MD General/UMD Midtown than it did.) We left at 5:15 (After almost forgetting all the frozen stuff my mom insisted on preparing, lol. She made chicken soup and pasta sauce and had two ice packs she got specifically for me. Very sweet, and very my mom.) We arrived at 6am and sat in the waiting area for half an hour because they don’t open until 6:30 (when I had to report). Luckily we had books to occupy us. Read the rest of this entry »