First Roadblock and Social Suicide.

Today I was hoping to not be working late into the night and maybe try to get some walking in before my date. (Side note: I don’t intend to talk about those a lot but since part of being a grad student and a derby girl is finding time to socialize outside of those while still getting all the responsibilities for those things taken care of, it may pop up) Instead I woke with a killer migraine and no meds. BOO. So I am here until the date so I don’t have more than 2 hours to make up. Additionally I thought today would be a good day to re-acclimate my feet to heels. SO NOT A GOOD IDEA. But my legs look good.

Additionally, I volunteered for a couple derby related events (gotta get the word out so we get more fans!) despite the fact that I already have no time. And joined a committee. My senioritis (last semester woo!) might be taking over.

Why won’t WordPress let me add more categories? Jerk.


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