WFTDA Eastern Regionals, September 16-18

So this past weekend was the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Eastern Regionals, where the top 10 seeds in the eastern region compete for the right to go to Nationals. The top 3 competitors at the end of the weekend go. I volunteered (for a WHOPPING 12 hours!) Friday, and attended as a spectator Sunday. It was a fun, intense time. The most exciting game was between Montreal and London, which was very close and ended up going to London, 137-135. The most fun moment was Friday night, during the Charm City/Boston bout. The refs and NSOs (non-skating officials) called a time out to discuss stuff, and the girls on the track got bored waiting to skate and started rocking out, dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” Charm City’s jammer was totally re-enacting the moves from the music video. Naturally, we all cheered her on. There was also a CC/B pushup contest. You could see that most of the girls on these teams (not just these two, all of them) love and respect each other, though it doesn’t stop them from checking the crap out of each other on the track!


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