Making up creative and descriptive titles is way too much work.

First of all: my boss and I are such nerds. we just geeked out over Lincoln and Douglass sigs on old GAC docs. It’s a good thing I’m an archivist, huh?

Second of all: OW. I didn’t ice my knee last night because after dinner it seemed not so bad. That was dumb. So I am doing it now. Also, there’s a muscle in the center of the bottom of my right foot that is always really tight in the mornings now and gets mad when I wear heels but only for about 20 feet and then it’s fine. Anyone know what I can do about it to make it fine all the time?

Third of all: I need to arrange some skate-borrowing with BatCat, so I can see how I like them (they’re Riedells) so I know what to ask for for Christmas. (All I am asking for from my parents is a rookie package: skates, pads, helmet, and mouthguard. Well and some work clothes, because my mom won’t shop online. I’m directing them to send the family member who has drawn my name in the Christmas drawing to a universal wishlist that will be mostly non-essential derby or Modcloth items, since we have a $50 suggested max limit on those presents.)

Finally: October 9, 2011. D.C. Armory. Doors open at 3. Come see Scare Force One V. The Cherry Blossom Bombshells for the expo bout at 4, and the new league team the Majority Whips V. the DC DemonCats at 5:45 in the season opener! DO IT.


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