Bad blogger, or the worst blogger? Catching up on exercise and derby talk.

Sorry guys! Occasionally life interferes with my ability to tell you about it.

My introversion decided to smack me over the head Friday, so instead of exercising and going to a baseball game after shopping in my aunt’s closet (more on that later), I went home and took a nap and watched tv and ate way more than I should have. Saturday I was volunteering at the National Book Festival, so my exercise was standing in place for 4 and a half hours, basically. Which does actually help maintain muscle tone, in case you were wondering, but doesn’t REALLY count toward exercising. Sunday I walked really quickly all over the Mall because the two authors I was there to see were at opposite ends, one right after the other, and did lots of standing again (signing lines SUCK). Yesterday was a busy day of work and class, but I did walk 2 miles or so. Granted it was 1 mile, then like a bazillion hours of sitting in the NARA second floor reading room, then another mile. But it’s better than nothing. Let’s call that arriving at the Green Dragon, shall we?

In derby related news, Saturday night was the DCRG season 6 kick off party, which was tons of fun, and last night was a volunteer orientation meeting, which was not unfun. Between the two, I really feel like I’m an accepted part of the derby community and am kicking myself for being too timid and shy to go to the after-parties all last season. F that noise! Really, derby is the most rewarding, stable thing in my life right now and I would probably axe murder someone without it (well, if I had an axe.) I might just find the Whip It clip of Bliss telling her mother she is in love with derby and play it for my mom over and over until she stops frowning and sighing loudly at me.

*Shopping in my aunt’s closet: in addition to getting me-to-me clothes (yay!) I got to pick up some borrowed items: a heart rate monitor, for one, which should help me avoid exertion migraines. So YAY THAT! Now I just need to remember to put it on before I go walking tomorrow.

Time to appraise documents and sneak in some paper-writing during my breaks!


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