Wednesday is the day of FRUSTRATION

Okay, so due to the contrary nature of the universe, as soon as I indicated it might be too rainy to exercise outside, the sun came out and insisted on making everything dry. But I still stayed in to exercise, because I had tv to watch. (What? Baby steps, people, my televisionary addiction has been entrenched for decades.) So I did some sort of mishmash of stuff I remembered from various workouts I tried and abandoned previously (I am not the queen of willpower when it comes to exercise, okay? But before it was just to kill the beer belly, now it’s to be a good skater, so I’ll do better. Right? OH GOD, BEER!)

Where was I? Oh yes. So I have no idea the names for any of these things, please don’t mock: first I did some squats, then this yoga thing where you balance on your butt in the shape of a boat, sort of, so you’re strengthening your abs, then I did leg lift sort of things. While watching Ringer, because Sarah Michelle Gellar is my spirit animal.

Additionally, I’ve been using Loseit, an iPhone/iPod touch app, to keep track of calories taken in and burned off. I did some Google-fu to see what the correct amount of calories/day is for a person my height and weight looking to lose weight, then entered the closest number to that as my calorie cap (its 15 calories more in Loseit than what Google suggested, but I am not too concerned about that.) I don’t really need to lose WEIGHT so much as exchange my fatty fat cells for muscle, but so far as I’ve found, they don’t have apps for that.

But that calorie cap is well below what I am used to ingesting, what with my upbringing as a person with metabolism so high I lost weight by chewing my food (not actually joking, there.) This changed in my mid-20s when my metabolism slowed and my boyfriend-at-the-time’s parents took us out to eat ALL THE TIME. Happily, with the help of Chocolate Covered Katie I don’t have to totally give up my sweets (sugar is my green kryptonite, y’all.) In fact, I made her Hot Fudge Lara Bars last night, in part because I was STARVING. And after eating 1, and all my meals and snacks earlier in the day, I was at my calorie intake limit. (Yes, I totally did my exercise so I could have half a cup of ice cream.) And STILL STARVING. OMG. Getting in shape is HARD, you guys. I drank some Red Velvet Cake rooibos tea to try and shut up my stomach (with some honey, so I went over my calories for the day but f*ck it, it’s not like 1 tablespoon of honey is gonna kill me right?)

This morning I had another exertion headache, but 600mg of ibuprofen with breakfast actually killed it by the time my therapy session was underway, so there’s that. I’ve never had headaches that went away with ibuprofen (or any other OTC analgesic) before, it’s nice.

Snack time! Lara bar or cheez-its? (I’m gonna see about making these on my own too, when my supply is gone.)

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