Ouch, sore! But also yay, sore!

So yesterday after work I arrived at my door, tired and grumpy, to find a package leaning against it. Not having ordered anything, I was naturally curious as to what had been sent to me. Arms already full of mail and books and my lunch bag, I grabbed it and flung myself and the contents of my arms to the couch and tore into it.

My aunt, who will now be known as The Fitness Fairy, sent me The Roller Derby Workout dvd. She said she didn’t want me to lose momentum by waiting to get this for Christmas. So I put it in to see what I was in for.


I have never been particularly athletic. My brother and I would play a few innings of baseball in the backyard occasionally, and I was a cheerleader from 4th-7th grade, but really I was not so interested in being physically active. Books, I like books. You sit, you read; it’s not very tiring. In gym class (7th grade gym when we played floor hockey notwithstanding-it was too awesome being able to knock down the boys) I would find whatever position or location was the one I was least likely to be required to do someone, or plead out due to cramps.

So believe me when I say I have NEVER had a more exhausting, sweaty 30 minutes.

There’s a warm up, then an abs workout, then legs, then glutes, then exercises you can do without skates (though all of the workouts can be done without skates, really). After the warm up and abs, I decided that instead of 20 I would do 10-15 of everything, because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I FORGOT I HAD ALL THESE MUSCLES. My legs have always been fairly strong and they certainly got a work out back in my cheerleading days, but as mentioned, lately not so much. I was almost done with glutes when my mom called and when she asked why I took so long to answer the phone, the answer was “exer- *huffpuff* -cising *huffpuff*.” I took some ibuprofen and drank lots of water in hopes of staving off an exertion migraine and major stiffness in the morning (which worked! Yay!) and then collapsed in a puddle of ouch. Well I ate dinner first, which SO wasn’t enough food. I know I’m trying to convince my body to eat itself and all but DAMN I AM HUNGRY. You’d think protein and complex carbs would fill me up, but noooooooooooo. Jerks.

I spent the morning working on school stuff at the library (and can someone explain to me why my legs are more mad about going down the stairs than up them) and am going to a comps study session tonight, so I walked about a mile and a half to keep things from tightening up too much (and to try to get job applications over in the arts district, which sounds so f*cking pretentious I can’t stand it.)

Tomorrow, the DC Rollergirls have a booth at Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair in Adams Morgan, and I will be there volunteering in the morning. Come by! Arm wrestle a rollergirl! Learn about derby! Visit vendors!

God I am starving.


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One response to “Ouch, sore! But also yay, sore!

  1. sunnyjane

    I LOVE this workout!!!

    I’ve been fresh meat with my roller derby team for about 6 months now – hoping to finally pass my skills test.

    If you can – get playing roller derby – it is AWESOME!!

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