Exercising doesn’t seem to punch anything in the balls. Except maybe me.

So I did exercise yesterday, but I didn’t do the whole DVD’s worth of working out because I worked too fiercely and got a migraine before I even finished working out. Previous exertion migraines didn’t occur until a few hours later, allowing my to at least potentially stave them off with re-hydration.

Today was also a day, in the tradition of my life of late, where I was disappointed by people who matter to me. I definitely slipped, dietwise. I tried to use the disappointment to fuel my determination, but it didn’t really work out. I guess that’s just not me. But I did a lot of work around the apartment so hopefully it balanced out and if not, well, fiddle dee dee, Rhett Butler, tomorrow is another day and I can continue to kick ass even if I fucked up a little today.


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