What a change such little things can make!

Today was pretty awesome. I know I was whiny and self-defeating here yesterday. But I spent yesterday evening with my man Doctor Who and some nerdy friends via Twitter, and that plus 12 hours of sleep seemed to help a lot. But what helped even more? When I got up, finally, I put on the Roller Derby workout DVD, did the warmup and the legs and some of the glutes workout and I was super energized and feeling good.

I’ve tried workouts before, several times as my belly started to expand (no joke, y’all, I look like I am three or four months pregnant. Only it’s all beer). Everyone always talks about how working out actually energizes you, and it has NEVER happened to me. Not once. Not even a tiny bit. I was just miserable the whole time.

With this workout, I am full of energy. Right after I kind of want to collapse, but if I don’t (like today, I had to move some furniture after) I am tired but I feel like I can still do anything. Same with the walking, though I haven’t done that this week because I’ve been busy with other stuff (school, mostly).

So though I missed out on the extremely nice weather by sleeping through most of it, I still had a great day. And the Caps won their season opener, so I am happy.

Don’t forget to head to the DC Armory tomorrow for the DCRG season opener! Doors open at 3, action starts at 4.

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