I am not patient.

You guys you guys you guys you guys! I have the patience of a toddler who has been fed buckets of sugar. No, that’s exaggerating my patience. I have less patience than a toddler who has been fed buckets of sugar. The entire month of December is spent with me bouncing in my seat, on my feet, while asleep, waiting for Christmas morning (yes, I am 30 and still love Christmas. Don’t even get me started on my birthday. BEST DAY EVER.) So all this waiting is really playing havoc with my brain.

I’m waiting for two things: to find out about the head bouncer position and to see some sort of signs that my working out and eating better is having some sort of effect on me at all.

The first one I have no control over whatsoever so I should just try not to think about it. Shut up, brain! The other, well I have marginal control about that. But stuff is definitely changing. Very very slightly, but still.

This post is pretty much devoid of content otherwise, but I had to share that with you. (some slight teeny tiny) PROGRESS HAS BEEN MADE.


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