I’m writing this Thursday night because I keep forgetting to update on Fridays. Please let that explain tense issues. (And if anything doesn’t make sense, blame the fact that I’m talking to my friend and watching Doctor Who at the same time.)

Thursdays are rough. I have my standing therapy appointment Thursday mornings, so I don’t go into work until late, and thus I stay later at work to make the same hours. As a result, I have less time once I get home, especially if I am planning on working on Friday to make up for a sick day on Tuesday (which I am doing next week, though the sick Tuesday was this week. Lots of homework to do tomorrow.) So when I get home, it’s really hard to motivate myself to be active.

Even tonight, the plan was “leave work, go to grocery store, get home, put things away, work out, eat dinner, Doctor Who.” The reality was “leave work, go to grocery store, be grumpy about the storm’s timing, get home, put things away, sit online for an hour, whinge a bit about cats peeing on one of my sports bras, work out (but I think I will need to stretch out longer next time), eat dinner, Doctor Who.” I had a ton more energy afterward, but even knowing that would happen, I had a hard time kicking my butt into gear.

What do you use to motivate yourself when you don’t want to work out?


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