Back on track!

Okay, since the trial run of my fruit leather was successful, this will be my sweets/candy replacement. Of course, I’ve eaten all three that resulted from a trial run (very small trial, because nothing sucks more than having a ton of a recipe you tried and hated sitting around the kitchen) so now I have to make a full batch. Raspberry fruit leather is next on the plan. (If you want to make it yourself, chop fresh fruit of your choice or use frozen fruit, dump in a saucepan with around a tablespoon of lemon juice (fresh is always best but don’t worry if you don’t have it) and a bit of water (don’t cover the fruit, you don’t need a lot), simmer until the fruit is broken down, let cook, blend in blender or food processor, add sugar to taste. Spread out on parchment paper very thin (1/8th of an inch) and stick it in your oven on the lowest setting (usually around 170F)…it’s done when you can touch it and it is tacky but doesn’t stick to you. For my mini batch, that was around 5 hours, so for a full, I’d guess 10-15) if you have a basting brush, keep it and a mug of water handy because the edges dry out faster and will get crunchy if you don’t rehydrate them every few hours while the rest dehydrates.)

No decisions have been made yet on the head bouncer position (other stuff came up they had to deal with.) I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until I found out I’d have to wait longer, heh. When I got the email letting me know it would take longer than initially planned, seeing the subject line “head bouncer” in my inbox got my heart pounding. Of course, if it’s not me I’m sure whoever gets it will do an awesome job and I’ll be happy to work with them but OOH I HOPE IT’S ME! In other OOH I HOPE IT’S ME news, I have an interview next week for a second part time job, so hopefully when I inevitably don’t get all the stuff on my Christmas list, I’ll have some extra money to get some of it (and, you know, pay bills and debts and buy gas. And healthy food! OMG IT IS SO EXPENSIVE TO BUY HEALTHY FOOD!)

Exercise-wise, I’m working to get up earlier to work out in the morning, thus (hopefully) eliminating the exertion migraines. The early part, so far, is not so successful (but dammit, I will succeed!) but I did a quick 10 minute workout of some of the exercises from the derby workout vid before my therapy appointment. (Did my faves from the various workouts-so I did ‘around the skates’ and crossovers to warm up, then stretched out (stripper stretch and the key thingy-you can tell I totally remember all these jargony terms all the time, huh), then did squats and the one where you lie on your back with your legs at a 90 degree angle then let your feet drop to about 6 inches above the floor, the ‘press your skate to the ceiling’ leglifty thing for your butt, and a yoga move I don’t know the name to that isn’t from the vid but basically requires you to balance on your tail while holding your legs up with your abs, so you’re shaped like a measuring spoon or a boat or something.)

I apologize for all the run on parentheticals, it’s just the way my brain works. I really can write well, but I mean, this is a blog….

And speaking of therapy, I want to take a minute to thank all my many friends and family members for a) being super supportive whenever I need them even though at those times I am frequently calling them in hysterics and b) being hilarious and/or nerdy and keeping me cheery and distracted from the crappier stuff. And pointing out that I look like I’ve lost weight. That’s totally welcome, anytime!

God, this post has more endings than RotK, huh. Oh well. Things might be somewhat light, posting-wise, until Halloween, because I have comps to study for and some housing issues to deal with on top of having a life and doing homework and hopefully (fingers crossed) working 40 hours a week. But once October is over, I will be way less stressed and miserable and have lots more free time to devote to making the internet hold me responsible for working out.


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