…Or not.

Okay, little speed bump. That whole getting up early thing is still very much a work in progress, to the point where I actually got up late, instead. Yay, late for work! :/

Focusing on the positive, I have delicious raspberry fruit puree dehydrating in my oven, destined to become delicious raspberry fruit leather. And the weather will probably permit me to go walking after work. Looking to the negative, my brain has set the Emotions knob to “inexplicably miserable” this morning so I will have to really kick my own butt to actually go walking. Rewarding myself with beer is probably counter-intuitive, huh?

Most of the issues with early rising for exercising (ooh, rhymey) is that I have a really hard time falling asleep lately. And of course oversleeping compounds the problem, I guess I’m going to have to brush off the “good sleep hygiene” techniques.

The next DCRG bout is November 5, which is a mere 2 weeks away, so get your tickets now! We’re gonna be at the Dulles Sportsplex this time around rather than the Armory, but we’ll be back in DC proper for the December bout!


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