Operation Wake Up Fairly Early is a success!

When I got home yesterday I was ridiculously tired, and did not end up going walking. In fact, I ordered a pizza. (Caps scored 5 goals the night before, and Papa Johns gives you regular priced food for half off when they score 4+. Also, a twitter friend told me that if you randomly alternate from eating for the top amount of your basal metabolic rate and one a bit lower than your BMR, that helps keep your BMR up. Having a high metabolic rate is good! It’s why until I hit 25 or 26 I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain an ounce. So since I didn’t get a chance to eat a whole lot earlier in the day, pizza helped me hit the top of my daily calorie rate. (if you are completely lost by this, the wikipedia entry for BMR is a handy little explanation))

Going back to the sleep-talk, I resisted napping when I got home, instead playing on Twitter with my friends and relaxing a little in front of the tv. But I went to bed around 11 (it is so hard to voluntarily stop goofing around on twitter with the gang, though, especially since a good chunk of them are in an earlier timezone) and so even though I ignored most of the good sleep hygiene tips (sleeping with the tv on is a no-no!) I managed to fall asleep pretty quickly and ended up sleeping through until around 7, when my kittens decided to play in the window blinds and flash a lot of sunlight on my face, and then, since it’s Saturday, snoozed a bit until 9:45. At which point I took care of the morning stuff and did a half hour workout.

Today was the first time I tried to do it with the ankle weights my Fitness Fairygodmother lent to me. I started with just 2 of the possible 5 weight pouches in (I think each is a pound) per leg. OH MY GOD. I was like “oh, this will be easy, this is hardly anything!” I even considered adding more weight. But after a couple of the abs exercises that require legs being lifted, I was already dying! This definitely will help strengthen my legs, which is good, because the legs workout is the one that is the easiest for me on the DVD, so I’ve taken to skipping it. The abs and booty workouts also are a lot of legwork, so doing them with the weights is just an added dimension there. Unfortunately, with the weights I am back to not doing the full sets though. With my favorite ab exercise, where you lay on your back with your legs straight up and drop them to about 6 inches above the floor, I only did 3 of the 10! Felt it a LOT on my quads especially.

Regarding the raspberry fruit leather, it didn’t work out (boo!) but I have frozen blueberries in the freezer, so I’m going to try them next. Need a sweet treat or else after denying myself yummy sugar for a long time I will binge, Mayor-in-Chocolat style.

And catching up on the Eowyn Challenge, I am on the Great East Road for another 10 miles.

So, goals: consistently good fruit leather treats. Doing full sets of at least 2 of the 3 muscle group workouts with three pound ankle weights by Christmas. Do full sets of the legs workout with all 5 weight pouches in the ankle weights by Christmas (on days I don’t do the others, I think, or now.)


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