I know this is usually a day off for this blog but I am super psyched and I did sort of take Sunday off so bonus post.

First, I’m super psyched because I just had a really good job interview and that always makes me ridiculously confident and giddy.

Second, the shirt I wore with my suit buttons down. And it did not, at any point, gape open at the boobs. So while I am sad to see the girls reducing (seriously, they are really nice. I have references!) I am thrilled my clothes are starting to fit properly again.

Today does mark the second day in a row of not getting up early to exercise, but to make up for it I did a static squat in the shower for 2 minutes while washing up and, amazingly, it did not make me want to die, so yay that!

Updates, healthy eating, and exercising may all be sporadic or possibly entirely on hold until Saturday afternoon, because I have comprehensive exams on Friday and Saturday mornings and I really want to do well so I don’t have to pay tuition for another semester just to take them again. And also so I can be done with school forever and ever and ever, Shining twins stylee.


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