Today is wicked discouraging, but not in the realm of the blog, so lets focus on that!

Today sucks. I hate it. Moving on to positive things.

I got up this morning and did the RD workouts for abs and legs (I was running short on time) and did 75% of each of the reps (except the skate drop things, I did half of those because the weights make a huge difference in those as far as my quads are concerned, and while I like that I’m working my legs and abs at the same time, that is a ridiculous amount of ouch in the legs and very little ouch in the abs) so I am definitely on track for my goals for using the ankle weights in my workout. Although sometimes I think it would be better if I had someone to yell at me when I do this stuff. Until then, I just have to try to yell at myself. I give up way to easily.

Still haven’t heard about the head bouncer position, because there is some more upheaval in the volunteer ranks. Now that she has officially announced it, I can tell you our bout day volunteer coordinator decided to step down, and though she still will be involved, it will be in a less intensive way. So filling her shoes takes precedence over filling the head bouncer position. I love ‘Doll, and am sad to see her step down because she’s been a great volunteer coordinator, but I am glad she is doing what is best for her and will still be around at bouts!


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