Signs of Progress

I have this denim skirt from Newport News that I love. It’s long and has a bit of a trumpet flare, and is perfect for fall. I haven’t been able to fit into it for a while (it’s been since October 2009 since I’ve worn it.) I love this skirt so much, that even when I got rid of everything else I love and don’t fit into, I kept it. It sat in the back of the drawer, forlorn and alone, for a year. I tried it last year and couldn’t even get it up past my thighs.

I can now get it up to my waist. I can’t zip it, but this is still good news, since I am making progress. Also, I’m wearing my favorite shorts today (yes, even though it is raining/snowing outside-I’m in here cleaning some more) and they’re refusing to stay up without a belt. Which was always the case but more so now. So yay that!

(sidebar: if any of you are doubting that I am a 5 year old in the body of a 30 year old, I just saw that it had started snowing in earnest here and I literally jumped up and down and shouted “snow!!!” despite the fact that no one was here to hear me except the cats, who don’t give a rat’s ass.)

I am in the midst of making peach flavored fruit leather, which will hopefully turn out better than the raspberry, and doing the more vigorous aspects of cleaning the apartment. (I’m a natural slob, so even weekly cleaning gets pretty vigorous.) Exercise-wise, I wasn’t gonna walk in the rain and sleet, but I was short on time, so I just did a bunch of different stuff from the video (knee to elbow, the bicycle, jackknives, the partner-squats, ab straddles, around the skates, and crossovers) with the ankle weights on. Still losing more fat from the boobs than the belly, which is disappointing but not unexpected. Go away, beer belly!

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to the Freer with a fella, then meeting up with my friend A for some hang-time. Will have to figure out how much working out I can do when I have to prioritize homework too. Working out as a reward to motivate schoolwork? Who am I?!!

One week left to get your tickets to the November bout to see Scare Force 1 skate against the DC Demoncats and the Cherry Blossom Bombshells against the Majority Whips! (Go Whips! Yes, this is the team I hope to be drafted to next fall, how could you tell?) Buy your tickets here or at the door! Kids under 6 free! Kids under 12 half price! Is this paragraph exclamatory enough?!


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