Alien Science!

School is still kicking my ass, so blogging will continue to be sporadic for this week, but I’m still trying to keep up with my exercising and eating right.

A friend of mine invited me to Fitocracy, which he described as “an rpg for exercise” so hopefully that will help with the motivation issues.

I screwed up making the peach fruit leather. To get the fire to catch in my oven I have to set it higher than the lowest setting and I forgot to move it back down, so a good two inches in from the edges got too dried out. but the middle bits were salvaged and are tasty, if still a bit too dry.

we need lots of volunteers for Saturday’s bout, still, so let me know if you want to work for two hours and get in for free!



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3 responses to “Alien Science!

  1. That sounds very fun. I was just reading the Fitocracy site. Any site that has a XKCD reference MUST be awesome!

  2. (If this is a repost, sorry! I tried to do at work, I dont know if it worked) Fitocracy looks very cool. There are crazy before and after on the founders on-line.

  3. the comments are moderated, so I have to see they exist and then approve them first. No worries! I’m still finding my way around there, but it’s pretty neat so far.

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