I like to start my day with Rory Williams Facts.

Rory Williams is cooler than a fez.

So! I got all wobbly and trembly in the thighs this morning (not, alas, because of Rory Williams) which is good. I was running a bit behind in my plan for the day so I only did the RD ab workout, but I did full sets of most everything with the weights. (I have a really hard time with the plank-skate taps, not because of the abs so much as the arms holding me up part, so I gotta work on that, and still only doing half the skate drops, argh. SO HARD.)

I’ve also started walking up the stairs at work again (the rise is fairly low, so it’s not as effective as it could be, but it’ll do. 6 floors.) I do that at home anyway, but had been slacking at work because it can be a bit dizzying (semi-spiral stairs!)…did it in heels today, which I think should earn extra points but probably doesn’t.

This summer at my dad’s work picnic, someone he knows brought a delicious bean salad thingy. I don’t actually like beans, not even a tiny bit, except occasionally baked beans, but these? These were amazingly good. So I nagged dad to get the recipe from her and when I did my ridiculously expensive “healthy pantry staples” shopping last month I got a few cans of the various ingredients and I’m going to make that tonight, and the sour cream fridge pickles I like too (according to the internet, this is called cucumber salad, but they’re totally fridge pickles) and they’ll taste better this time because now I have onions!

Think I might make some small, really thin pizza crusts next week to freeze for days when I’m running short of time, and some homemade pizza sauce too. Or possibly some pulled chicken in the crock pot to put on top of it! Yum. BBQ pizza is the BEST pizza.

Walking Saturday morning before heading out to the bout to stand for 5 hours. Speaking of the bout…

Remember, Saturday at the Dulles SportsPlex, doors open at 3, Demoncats V. Scare Force at 4, Whips V. Bombshells at 5:45! (Yes, I totally painted my nails to match the Whips uniforms. Yes, I am a nerd.) Also, if you can, bring cash or HEALTHY canned goods for our drive for Bread for the City! If you can’t make it, donate here!


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