I am a bad luck charm!

I have been a total slacker, exercise-wise, all weekend. I have snuggling on the couch down to a science though.

Here are a bunch of fabulous photos from yesterday’s bout by Andrew Benedict. (the last one is WitchCrafty and I watching the Whips/Bombshells bout from the Bread for the City charity table.) I was cheering for DCDC and MW, and they both lost to their opponents, alas. 218 SF1 – 61 DCDC and 185 CBB – 96 Whips, which is a pretty painful score on both counts, but the Cats lost a lot of their vets and the Whips are pretty new. There was a lot of great skating from all four teams (watching CBB’s Yankee Scandal cut through the pack like it’s not even there is amazing, even if you’re rooting for her to fail.) Lots of injuries yesterday, though luckily only one required a trip to the hospital. I don’t know if Wing-a-Ding is allowed to skate with a broken finger or not, but if not I’m sure she’s already champing at the bit to heal up and get on the track again.

Yesterday was also a bit of a trial by fire for me as Head Bouncer. I arrived late (ack!) so Pants, Doll and I didn’t get much of a chance to talk beforehand and I was pretty nervous at first. Pants and I are going to arrange for one of the previous head bouncers to shadow me at the December bout to make sure I’ve got everything down and to fill me in on anything I might miss, but yesterday, though he wasn’t bouncing this time around, William was an invaluable resource for me (he would make a great HB if he wanted it, but he doesn’t, so I will have to do!) After a bit I settled into my role pretty well. My bouncers were fabulous and did a great job and I love them all (and we have two new vols who bounced yesterday, so yay them! Hope they stick with it, but there are tons of fun jobs to do with DCRG.) I had never been to a bout at DSP so it was a bit different and I welcome the return to the Armory, where I know where stuff is, but all in all, I think it was a success. Now I just need to get or make that sparkly mini-fez so people can spot me easily in the crowd….


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