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This morning I managed to force myself up at the crack of 6:45 or so (the alarm goes off at 6:15 but I was unwilling to move just then) and Got Loose with Shiv and Go Go Gidget led me in the leg workout from the derby workout dvd. I did full sets of everything with the weights but I was pretty sore after, probably because I didn’t do much of anything all weekend, heh.

I’m starting to run low on quick healthy foods, and I am out of frozen fruit, so no more homemade fruit leather… One of these days I’ll go down to the new organic market and get some of their fresh produce, because it HAS to be better than Safeway’s and Giant’s produce (I was looking at strawberries last time I was at Giant and they were all moldy at the bottom! Yuck.)

I talked to my mom on the phone last week and she asked me “So you’re really serious about this roller derby thing, huh?” Yeppers! Although hopefully my belly catches up with my boobs in the measurement-reduction arena soon, because otherwise people are going to start assuming I am a pregnant 10 year old on skates. She also asked if I need any special dietary needs for Thanksgiving. We’re gonna try to have more protein and veggies and skip the rolls and the stuffing (or at least, I will skip them…well maybe ONE roll…mmmm, bread) so I sent mom some vegetarian recipes from Saveur…hopefully the brussel sprouts and bacon makes an appearance (mmmm, bacon!) and it’s possible I will make the curried cauliflower beforehand because OMG that sounds yummy.

I need some good recipes for chicken though, I am getting bored with the ones I have been using (basically, marinate in X and cook on the stove) and everything I find for the crock pot requires cream of X soup and I am not into that. Any suggestions?


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