When will my thighs stop quivering like jelly after a workout?

This morning I got up and did Booty with EstroJen and Off Skates with Punk in da Trunk from the derby workout dvd. Those dumbbell lunges at the end of the booty workout are fucking ridonk! I can do like 6 and then I’m like “okay I am going to die now thanks bye” and collapse in a puddle of jiggly goo. But I did full sets of everything else, although a lot of the stuff in these workouts (like hydrants, and skate taps, and crossovers) aren’t listed at fitocracy so I’m not getting all the points I COULD be getting. And despite the fact that my right inner-thigh was all “fuck you I’m gonna be more sore than anything ever” I took the stairs again at work. You know your thighs are overworked when they start complaining on the 3rd floor instead of the 5th or 6th. But Endurance-wise, I am doing better-I am definitely not huffing and puffing as much as I was when I first started taking the stairs at work. Yay!

Breakfast (and lunch because I made a ton) was/is the most delicious oatmeal I have made yet. Regular “heart healthy” serving of old fashioned oats with a tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of cocoa powder, and two teaspoons of orange extract. I threw in some chopped dates too, but they’re kinda meh. Still. The orange extract is perfect for this (not as good in hot cocoa, alas, as a splash of straight up OJ, but perfect for this.) And I forgot I had enough grapes in the freezer to probably make some grape fruit leather so I’ll see if I can do that.

College friends in town tomorrow, SO EXCITED! They’re from my first attempt at an undergrad degree, when I was going to school in NC. Fortunately, I have no money, so I won’t be drinking lots of calories. Unfortunately, I like to drink those calories! Ah, well.

ETA: More pics from this weekend courtesy of Ron Warholic!


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