You guys, skating is way harder than it was when I was 9.

Okay. So I have skates. I figured I’d try the roller derby workout with them, just to see what I am up against.

OMG. I did just the abs workout and I didn’t even finish it. I totally skipped skate taps while planking entirely, and the ab straddle. I was like “yeah, I’m just gonna lie here and quiver quietly, thanks.”

Then I took off the skates and walked to the parking lot of Magruder park to try these babies out. (I walked because it’s downhill and I KNOW I am not prepared for that.) I spent the whole 5 minutes I was out there quietly muttering to myself.

“Okay, whoa, keep your knees bent, stay low, good, good, whoops stay low, good, bend your knees, good, this is going well…WHOA!” *thud.* Rinse and repeat. Now the heels of both my hands have road rash, and I’ve decided to wait until I grab my wrist braces from work before I skate outside again. Which hasn’t stopped me from moving all the furniture in my living room out of the way and skating back and forth on the carpet (I haven’t fallen, but I also haven’t mastered stopping without running into things. I can get a surprising amount of speed up on the shag carpet though. Next stop: the low pile carpeted hallway.)


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