I’m going to be taking it easy on the exercising front- strained my groin. Don’t think it’s PULLED but it’s sore and grumpy and needs a rest, and since it seems least happy when my leg is straight and being stretched, that limits my leg/glute/abs workouts.

got some more frozen fruit to make fruit leather with, and did crock pot pea soup yesterday (forgot potatoes though, boo)…needs some salt (or some ham…mmmm, ham) but its pretty good as is.

So November is when Real Thanksgiving happens (yeah, Canadians, I went there! *love*) and a lot of people I know are using that as a reason to make daily posts about things they’re grateful for in their lives. I’m not planning on doing this a lot, but it occurred to me the other day that there is something a bit unusual I am grateful for: my sucky health issues.

Yeah, that’s right. Health issues. I have, for as long as I can remember, had chronic migraines and since I was 13 I’ve had kidney stones, and they both suck a lot and put me through a lot of pain and misery. Why would I be thankful for those? Because now I have a leg up as far as derby is concerned.

In addition to the road rash, I got my first skating bruise!

From First Derby Injuries

It didn’t show up until today. I sat up in bed and said “huh. my ass hurts.” and there it was in all it’s roller skate shaped glory. Turns out landing on your butt does bruise. Batty offered to lend me her protective gear, too, but I’m more worried about my wrists than anything and I’ve got braces that I’m gonna try out (though I will take her up on it if next skate I think I need to)

While the bruise is sore, I have been through so much worse. I know I can handle a few bruises and some road rash, no problem.


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