Challenge Accepted!

Today was the last resting day for my muscles. Tomorrow I start adding arms in, too.

okay, something completely different part the first: gettin’ sorta political with a link to an article by Laurie Penny. Never heard of this woman, don’t know if I agree with her politics, but I do know that she has a great point with this article. Although I want to respond to this paragraph: The implication that a woman must be sexually appealing to be taken seriously as a thinker did not start with the internet: it’s a charge that has been used to shame and dismiss women’s ideas since long before Mary Wollestonecraft was called “a hyena in petticoats”. Because there is an equal and opposite response to beauty and smarts, which is that they cannot coexist. Basically, women are fucked as far as popular opinion goes in this regard. Let’s get out there and change that, for everyone.

and now for something completely different part the second: many of my friends are professional/aspiring writers. Hell, if it weren’t for Pamie‘s third novel, this blog wouldn’t exist because I still wouldn’t have gone to see any live roller derby, and I wouldn’t know how badly I want to be a part of that action. Two of my friends, despite serious trepidation, have started sharing things they’ve worked on that have yet to be published. (you can read Eric’s here chapter 1 and
Chapter 2, and Mere’s here) and while telling them how brave they are for doing so (good job, self, encouraging friends. dumbass.) I let slip that I have some poetry I’ve written that very few people have been permitted to read. E and M, naturally, insisted I share some. So here goes: feel free to skip. Title shamelessly stolen from a Cowboy Junkie song:

Faceless Angel Mine
silken curves feel more like sand
as the minutes tick by.
I don’t want to watch you crumble
but I can’t stand the distance between our flesh.
it tastes so sweet,
this breeze of oblivion
whispering temptations into my ear
tickling along my arms
and so I reach out
finger grazing your grainy shell
and instead of crumbling
to a cloud of ash
you explode
and get sugar in my hair



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2 responses to “Challenge Accepted!

  1. samatwitch

    I love it! I’m glad you accepted the challenge – I expect/hope to see more. (If I’m going to do this, you have to, too. ;p)

  2. Every Tuesday (I only have so many poems!)

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