Or perhaps not.

First! Go here and check out photos from the November bout taken by Shutterthug, the official DCRG photographer (aka James Calder) because they are fabulous. Just look at those beautiful, amazing, strong women kicking ass and having a great time! Yes!

Second: I kinda suck. I woke up an hour before my alarm and instead of saying “self, you know if you get back in bed you will not get up when the alarm goes off and you should just get started with your workout and just give that hour up for dead” I got back in bed to luxuriate in warmth and the fact that there was no cat vomit on the floor (my kitten was sick last night.) And then I overslept and did not do any workout this morning (other than taking the stairs at work.) So. Tomorrow is GET BACK ON TRACK, MOFO day.

The plan is to do my workouts in the morning and then in the afternoon on Wednesdays, Fridays, and over the weekend I will skate as well (classes Monday and Tuesday, and I am usually at work late on Thursdays) and hopefully this way I will get to the point where I am willing to skate where other people can see me (heh) and help me with the more complex stuff, like crossovers and stuff. Right now I am lucky if I can stay up the whole time!

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