That was anticlimax.

I got up to do arms today. When I do even 1 chapter off the roller derby workout dvd, I feel energized afterward. That did not happen this morning, despite it being only a couple minutes shorter than any of the workouts on the dvd. I can only assume it is some weird part of my brain saying “yeah, see, that woman who is enthusiastically telling you you can do just a few more isn’t wearing roller skates, so obviously this is not REALLY for roller derby, and thus I don’t care.” And it’s true I don’t really need strong arms for derby. But I sort of do for aspects of the derby workout, so it has to stay. I think I will have to get up a bit earlier on Arms days and do abs or glutes or something too, so I don’t sit down and fall back asleep, or spend the day in a bored haze of tired.

This whole week I have been extra tired despite getting enough sleep. I’m wondering if I am missing something in my diet since I’ve been eating healthier, but all I really have cut out are refined sugar sweets (mostly.) There are complex carbs still in my diet, and protein, and that’s where a lot of the energy is supposed to come from right? WTF, body.

My groin pull/strain/whatever is almost better, so I am going to start slowly adding exercises that will include it back into the mix (although I suspect the stripper stretch will be put off for another week.)


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