It’s weird what makes us happy

Last night, D was driving me home from an evening at his house watching Black Dynamite and Game of Thrones and we hit a weird, not at all marked metal-lined trench on Ager, resulting in a flat tire. Many and a-many ago, I got my own very first flat tire on my way home from a (now former) boyfriend’s house and had to call my dad to help me because I had no idea what to do. Thanks to him, I know how to do a lot of stuff for my car. Thanks to years moving sets and a couple months now of working out regularly, I was strong enough to loosen and subsequently tighten the bolts on the tire. D called AAA in case we couldn’t change the tire, but by the time the guy arrived, it was all taken care of (though we stuck around to have him check to see if the bolts were tight enough. He got them to go maybe a quarter-turn more and said we did a very good job.) D drove it ’round the block to make sure it felt okay and nothing else was really wrong before AAA left, in case it needed towing anyway (happily all was well) and the AAA guy told me that he had arrived on the scene many times where dudes bigger than he is (and he was a big dude) would just sit in the car and wait because they had no clue how to change a tire. I AM COMPETENT! YAY!

This morning I did the glutes workout. My kittens like to sprawl on the floor and watch my legs, especially during leg lifts and jack knifes and that sort of thing. Sometimes they try to catch my legs, which is annoying, but this morning they just gazed like adorable little fluffballs. Pit Crew is having a happy hour this evening, and Pants and Doll and I will be meeting before it to talk a bit about the head bouncer position and any issues I have. Jason said he will be at the December bout, too, so he can walk through it with me. Nervous but pleased!


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