Migraines are the pits…

…and the ones that come from sinus pressure are always really common in the fall and I hate them because there is no way to prevent them other than be on anti-inflammatories and decongestants for like 3 months. Which is not healthy, generally.

So I didn’t exercise this morning. Instead I whined on the internet and then cleared the DVR of unviewed episodes of television by viewing them with tylenol sinus pumping through my veins and an ice pack freezing my brain. Since I started taking riboflavin (B2) I’m able to knock a LOT of my headaches out with over the counter meds, which is great, because my prescription meds are expensive. But it does take longer most of the time. Ah, well.

I did the arms and half the abs workout today (after yesterday’s glutes workout my ass hurts like I have never done anything with it ever before, so I think taking several days off to heal my groin really set me back and I’m trying to ease in a little more so I don’t pull anything else.) I have a patience problem in most areas of my life, and this is no exception. I also skated around the living room for a bit, although I was interrupted by a visit from the maintenance team who came to check out my fridge which had been making weird noises until I asked for maintenance to come out, when it (naturally) stopped doing so. Also the cats are starting to think that when I roll by it is a challenge to them and I should be murdered. So that’s a problem. But I seem to be doing well enough that I will probably skate out in the hall on the low pile carpet for a bit and see if I can stay on my feet on a less forgiving surface.

Last night was a pit crew happy hour get together, and Doll and Pants and I met up early to discuss head bouncering and that sort of thing. Much fun was had. It was a bit smaller than the usual gathering, though, which had plusses and minuses.

Okay, gonna shower and hit the grocery store for a few staples (yogurt, milk, some veggies, some cheese)


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