I’ll take you for a ride on my garbage truck c/`

Oh man, this weekend has been crazy. Yesterday was a rest day, no working out. Today I did the legs and the off the skates workouts from the roller derby workout. I also did a ton of stairs just in general today, so that probably makes up for like 1/3 of the junk I ingested this weekend.

This was NOT a good food weekend, nutrition-wise. It was great taste wise, though! Lots of cookies and pizza and pizza rolls and stuff-I really wish my friends wouldn’t schedule parties all on the same day! I went to a board game party for most of yesterday afternoon/evening, then a cosmic bowling party in the evening (where we took ‘cosmic’ way too seriously and dressed in SF costumes-I went as Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne from Firefly/Serenity. there are at least 2 or 3 pics of me being impaled on Mac’s ‘light’ saber (it was a stick)) and I made lots of new nerd friends and I’m very excited about that because I have not played any D&D in AGES and I miss it. (I never said I wasn’t the nerdiest roller girl wannabe in the world.)

My living situation is about to be shaken up big time, I am gonna be sharing a place with one of the skaters on tap from DCRG and I am totally psyched, both because she is awesome and we both need to be spending less money on rent, and because she is gonna work out and skate with me! Yay!

Since the holidays are upon us I just want to remind you, December 10th is the next DCRG bout! We’re back at the DC Armory this month, and all the usual info applies: doors at 3, action at 4, $12 to get in, half price for kids under 12, all that. Plus, though November was my first bout as head bouncer, this will be my first OFFICIAL bout as head bouncer, with the fez and the scheduling and everything. (November was kind of last minute) so you should TOTALLY COME OUT FOR FUN AND DERBY!


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