Gettin’ Shaggy in Montreal

my subject lines are related to whatever I’m listening to, usually. This one is because I’m catching up on the Nerdist podcast.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I did some stairs-taking but really that was it. Today I did most of the abs workout with the ab straddles and the plank skate-taps I couldn’t do full sets because OMG my abs are like completely useless all of a sudden! Jerks. And then I did the arms workout. (I thought if I did arms second, it would be easier to do the plank skate-taps, but it turns out that no, I am just a wuss.)

I wasn’t thinking last week about how this is FOOD WEEK OF DOOM, so I have a bowl of this delicious bean salad, and a ton of corn chowder I made, and I bought avocados to make guacamole (but alas they ripened faster than I expected and were all weird and gross and spotty and squishy, so no guac for me)

After working out this morning I had some special K protein plus. I bought it because a) protein! and b) special k is like giant rice krispies and I love rice krispies. but the protein plus isn’t regular special k but with stuff added, it’s just boring normal flakes. So it’s OKAY but not really great. I will probably skip buying it again. The cinnamon burst cheerios, however, are totally a winner, despite the fact that I want to add chocolate chips to the bowl with them.

I have a mysterious bruise on the back of my right hand. WTH? How did that happen?

Okay, it’s Tuesday, another poem is going up. Again, feel free to skip. I asked Eric, who you may recall dared me to do this in the first place, if I should go with one about dreams or one that is angry and he picked angry, so here you go, an untitled anger poem.

stuck in the mud.
wheels turning, filth churning.
fucking get a grip.
in more ways than one.
move on, my friend, to desert hardpan,
to concrete and dust,
to wooden bridges,
to anywhere but here
because I can’t take
this shit splattering
on my pristine metaphorical pants.
bitter much?
There comes a time in every mans life
when he must take a stand,
and baby, that time is long past now,
so get a move on, you’re wasting time
and I ain’t got any to spare for that.



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4 responses to “Gettin’ Shaggy in Montreal

  1. Read “untitled anger poem” as “unlimited anger poem” and thought, “well, this is angry, but I think she could be angrier.”

    Good work, Mels. Really enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks, E! It is, perhaps not unsurprisingly, inspired by an ex boyfriend (just before exing him.)

  3. samatwitch

    It sounds like leaving him was a good decision. You have great descriptors and use of metaphors. Are you sure we can only get one a week?

    • Oh it definitely was. He can be a lovely person some of the time but is very frustrating at times, too.

      I want to be able to keep this going for a while, and I don’t write as often as I would like to, so I’m trying to keep it once a week so I don’t burn through my backlog.

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