It turns out that Holidays Are Hard

So as of last Saturday I sort of fell off the “eating healthy” wagon. My friend A hosted a board game party and all I ate there were pizza rolls and cookies (and bourbon. mmm, bourbon.) Then after I sobered enough to drive (mmm, bourbon) I went to another friend’s birthday party (cosmic bowling in sci-fi costumes for the win! I dressed up as Wash and had C impale me) and had pizza and chips and beer.

Then on Sunday I went out to lunch with my hopefully soon-to-be-roommate, one of DCRG’s skaters on tap. (And DCRG has unveiled a brand new website, so click that link! CLICK IT!!) And got a po’ boy. Because nothing says healthy like fried oysters. Oh, and there was beer then too.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with D, and there was more fried seafood goodness (calamari! yum) and beer. Also, bread pudding.

Thursday, I was pretty good food-wise, but there was more beer. And cookies.

Yesterday I made chocolate sauce and fudge. Don’t be surprised when I tell you I ate 6 pieces of fudge for breakfast. I have a problem.

BUT! Yesterday I ALSO attempted to skate outside, this time in the parking lot where I normally change my oil. It turns out I still don’t have the skills to remain upright, AND that parking lot, while more level than the one for Magruder, is no good for skating-too rough, the outdoor skates keep sticking and then I wobble, mostly weeble-style, but there was some falling down. I had my wrist-braces on (better than nothing, though I suspect real pads will be a marked improvement. No wrist-jarring this time though, and my hands aren’t all scraped up.) I MIGHT have a small bruise on my back (it’s sore, but I haven’t found one with my tiny little compact mirror) and I scraped up my elbow. And then I took the skates off and walked in my socks back to my apartment to hang my head in shame. And watch the Caps lose. And put up my Christmas tree.

TODAY, THOUGH! I am going to get back on track. I have lots of sugar in me to burn off, for one thing. And I’m giving away at least half the fudge, and have sealed it up so it’s more effort to get to, so I with theoretically eat less of it. And I made guacamole yesterday (step one, scoop out avocados. Step two, lemon or lime juice on the guts so they don’t brown. step three, mash. step four, add chunky roasted corn salsa with garlic and lime. step five, add some salt to taste and mix well. step six: shovel into your mouth with hint of lime tostitos. step seven: make that Homer Simpson “yum” noise.) so between it, my bean salad, my corn chowder, my salad fixings, and my yogurt, I am set for the next several days in the healthy foods department. I have frozen peaches defrosting in the fridge for fruit leather, and this surprisingly healthy chocolate drizzled popcorn stuff that allows me a decent serving of a sweet and salty snack, though I may have to buy an entire case of it because the bags are small and it tastes really good (Popcorn Indiana Drizzled Black & White Kettlecorn, if you’re curious. It’s also gluten free, if you need that sort of thing! I want to find the cinnamon sugar and BBQ ones, too. YUM.)

In addition to repairing my food intake, I am back to working out today! Or will be, after I post this (I got a late start, what with the fudge and listening to the Muppets Green Album and Sondre Lerche on Grooveshark while getting homework stuff set up-end of semester is coming up FAST!)

Also, since I don’t have a scale, I’ve decided to at least take my measurements so I can have SOME sort of idea how the weight changing is going. So as of today I am pretty much a triangle: 35″-36″-37″. (Triangleman hates Personman. They have a fight, Triangle wins)



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2 responses to “It turns out that Holidays Are Hard

  1. I’ll try to look for the most healthiest of cookies for Kerrevin Cooking Exchange 2011!

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