You think trepanning is medically sound?

Yesterday, as has been my wont since I started morning exercising, was my day of rest. Today, unfortunately, was too because OMG MY SINUSES HATE ME. So I slept for a long time to escape the pain, instead of exercising. Alas, that made me hungry and the pain made me nauseated and in general, today has been a big bust.

Housing: My skater on tap friend got an offer she could not refuse, though it had nothing to do with horse heads and lots to do with a cheap room for rent, so alas, we will not be nerding it up in a shared domicile. However, on of our non-skating officials is also looking to share the burden that is DC-area rent, so I may still be moving. We’re looking at some 2BR places E and I were gonna look at, which are a mile or so away from The Boy, which is nice because right now it’s a pain in the ass to hang out in a more laid back sort of way.

School: Almost done! Mere weeks left! Still on top of things! Got a talking to from a prof about how I am not living up to my potential, but it was in regard to a paper on which I got a B-, so I am not too desperately worried, especially since I also won a prize for being super smart that same class meeting.

Job search: lots of applications being reviewed. still waiting to hear from the senate employment office thing to set up an interview so I can get my resume in the resume bank. which the government wasn’t so frickin-frackin’ slow.

Derby at Large: Cheapshot Dot of the Saskatoon Roller Derby League’s Slamazons, and later dedicated founder of a local Rec league, Dorothy “Dot” Woods (nee Carter) has now been missing for two weeks. If you have information about her, please contact Saskatoon PD, and if not, please share this link wherever you can in case someone you know has seen her and didn’t realize it!

DCRG: Less than 2 weeks to the December bout! December 10th! Doors at 3! Action at 4 and 5:45! Beer! Spiked Lemonade! Skater-made crafts and baked goods! Awesome merch! Hot girls on quad skates being athletic marvels! DON’T MISS IT!



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2 responses to “You think trepanning is medically sound?

  1. saalon

    December bout == sparkly Fez, yes?

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