And back in action. I got up and did pilates to warm up (I’ve been using the pick your level weight loss pilates that streams over netflix) and then stretched out and did the leg workout from the derby workout dvd. And then ate a bowl of special k protein plus cereal. And then came to work and got to sit around doing nothing for 3 hours because my computer was being an ass. Of course, 3 hours is like a week in internet time, so I feel all out of sorts.

So yeah. Today is Tuesday, and here is today’s (untitled) poem:
Coke bottle green
colors the world,
wavering like a
nervous singer’s voice
and something slips
across my eyes
latching on
holding tight
can’t see
can’t breathe
can’t think
just when I know
I’ll go mad
you wake up
and it vanishes
and the colors seep back
no longer tinted green
and I can finally



Filed under creativity, exercise, food, legs workout, personal shit

2 responses to “I’m ALIVE!

  1. samatwitch

    Lovely poem, M. Your words are so evocative.

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