I suck.

Overslept today. New rule: NO SNOOZE ALARM EVER. Snooze alarms lead to getting back into bed. Getting Back into bed leads to not getting out again for hours. This is bad. And my shoes have prevented me from taking the stairs 2 days in a row. I was planning on adding the third weight to my ankle weights today, too. Stupid sleepy brain.

I had lots in my head last night that I was planning on telling you but now I don’t remember what they are, except that yesterday I forgot to tell you my pencil skirt is officially too big in the waist, which is nice. In a similar vein, the dress I wore when I graduated from Mason fits better now. Although it is still cleavage-alicious. Fortunately I have a sweater on to hide these bad boys because my boobs? Totally stopped getting smaller. Haven’t even gone down a cup size. Yay, boobs! I love my boobs.

Lunch today: salad, cheez its (it turns out all my snacks are sweet now and so I broke down yesterday and got some cheesy crackers from the sundry store downstairs, which is, happily and surprisingly, reasonably priced-had some yesterday and some today) and fudge.

DCRG stuff! TOMORROW! If you are in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, come to Red Palace (formerly The Red and the Black and Palace of Wonders-they joined forces!!) for their Coney Island Rock’n’Roll Road Show and hang out with me and a bunch of skaters from DCRG!

Also SATURDAY! DC All-Stars are our away team, and they are AMAZING. Unfortunately, it costs a LOT to be an away team, so they need money. But though they are okay with just asking for it, they thinks it’s WAY MORE FUN to give you something for your donation. Something like a PARTY AT THE ROCKET BAR! So come out, support your local derby girl by buying booze (for yourself or her!) and have fun hanging out with a bunch of the hot, funny, nerdy ladies and gentlemen of DCRG.

Once again: the December bout is on the 10th. Be there.



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4 responses to “I suck.

  1. saalon

    I go in these cycles. I’m fine, even with the snooze. Then I’m hitting the snooze a dozen times. Then I’m hitting the snooze the first few times without even waking up. Then I shut the alarm off entirely without waking up and wake up WAY LATE. The freakout resets the cycle and it starts back over again.

    • I use the cell alarm and have it far away enough that I have to get up to turn it off. but unless I go to bed at like 8 every night, and thus get up way before my alarm, I have a hard time resisting that snooze button

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