Yes, when I mentally (or actually) say “hate” in an expression of frustration, I really do hiss that “h” for a long time. It’s an abuse the capslock kind of day, guys, I apologize in advance for shouting.

All week I have been forgetting my water bottle. I don’t mean to, but I’m used to bringing it in Monday and then having it at the office all week then bringing it home for a wash Thursday. Since I keep forgetting to bring it in, it isn’t here. So I have been getting my liquid refreshment from the sundry store downstairs (conveniently located by a billion vending machines and a short walk from a coffee shop AND a cafeteria.) I like vitamin water. it is tasty and have vitamins and also some sugar, all of which are good. (Well, sugar is good TASTING….) Yesterday, the essential (B vitamins!!!) was not in stock so I grabbed another one because what doesn’t sound intriguing about blood orange and mixed berry? NOTHING DOESN’T SOUND INTRIGUING ABOUT THAT. What I did NOT catch is that it is naturally caffeinated (with coffee! why drink something coffee-nated that isn’t coffee? IF I WANTED CAFFEINE, I WOULD BE DRINKING EVERY STARBUCKS EVER, ALL THE TIME. I like coffee.) and has yerba mate, a South American herb that is used to promote energy and oh yeah, is ALSO caffeinated (naturally, like tea and coffee are.) Unfortunately, I discovered this bit of information AFTER drinking 10 ounces of it.

Now, as an aside, let me point out that I have been a soda-fiend since I was first allowed to drink soda (I don’t even know when that was) and started drinking coffee at 16 or 17 because it is delicious, and so would ingest at least 36 ounces of coke and a pint of coffee a day from mid-high school until my mid-twenties, when got mono and my mother refused to make me coffee for a month, thereby curing me of my crippling caffeine addiction. It was good for my brain, because varying the levels of caffeine in my body royally fucked me up in the migraines department, but it made absolutely no difference to my sleeping habits because the caffeine I was mainlining never, ever, kept me awake.

Last night I went to bed at 11. Around 11:30 I decided my brain was in need of distraction from the crap whirling around inside it, so I put on an audio book, one that I had successfully fallen asleep to the night before. At 12:30 I got up and ate because I was STARVING and could think of nothing but hint of lime tostitos and salsa. An hour later, I turned the volume of the audiobook down to just barely above a murmur. At 3, I turned it off completely. At 4, I decided I would get up at 5 and exercise and go in early, so I could have extra time this afternoon to homework. Which, naturally, is when I fell asleep. When my alarm went off at 6, I said “fuck you, I’ll have a late afternoon” and set the alarm to 8, so I would be up for my psychologist appointment (yeah, I am one sexy mess, aren’t I?) At 8, I hit the snooze, intending to arise at 8:10. At 9:10, I woke up, discovering that I not only missed the snooze alarm, but a phone call with the volume on my cell turned all the way up. And the cell 4 inches from my ear.

Also I need money and a full time job or at least another part time job, and its the end of the semester, and I got served with a suit for failure to pay rent even though I paid my rent so I have to sort that out and OH MY GOD I HATE TODAY.

I need this evening at Red Palace SO BADLY. Please, join me and a bunch of other DC Rollergirls and enjoy some Coney Island Rock’n’Roll Road Show action with some psychobilly music and burlesque entertainment at Red Palace tonight at 8, guys, and help me forget everything that sucks, guys.



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  1. saalon

    Rent suit?! No! That’s not cool, Mels! What a bloody mess.

    • yeah :/ I paid late, but I also paid all the late fees, so…I emailed my leasing office manager the other day with my payment receipt attached, but haven’t heard back, so I called this morning, and apparently a bunch of people got served when they weren’t supposed to…I just want to make sure I don’t have to go to court and wait for them to not call my case, like what happened the only other time this happened, because I have a meeting at work at the same time.

  2. Poor M. Once you have the caffeine out of your body, reintroducing it feels like infusing rocket fuel directly into your jugular. The good (?) news is, you’ll be scanning those labels like a motherfucker from here on in! And get some sleep after the shindig tonight!

  3. samatwitch

    I hope your day has been improving since this start! There are some days I wished I drank coffee, but I never have. Had a small piece of double espresso chocolate cake for my sister’s birthday one time and it kept me up most of the night!

    Have fun tonight!

  4. Dammit Melanie, I just sat down to a big bowl of soup, and now I want lime tostitos and salsa.

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