UNHate! A Mass of Parenthetical Remarks

After bitching to the internet (thanks, you guys) things were looking up yesterday. After from getting all my OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS HARD kvetching out it was easier to face the day not in a HATE ALL THE THINGS! mood, but in a more “hate ALL the things? sort of mood. That, with some good news (no need to go to court! woo!) and pleasant events (we’ll get to those in a minute, they deserve more than a parenthetical) helped, too.

Pleasant thing the first, plus pleasant sub-thing! Katie had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to attend a lecture at the capitol visitors center to break up the day, and that was Thursday afternoon. The lecture was about the value of journals to history (in this case, the history of the Capitol Building as it exists today-we know about the rivalry between the architect and the engineer of the project because one of them wrote an obscene amount of vituperative journal entries and letters. (Meigs, I think-it was hard to hear for part of it because there was a GIANT TV SCREEN right across from where 75% of the lecture took place)) and that was a nice break (and yes, Mere, it was interesting! I like history stuff!) Sub-thing is that while we were on the train to the Capitol (yeah, I get to ride the tiny mini-subway from the senate office buildings to the capitol building! sub-sub-thing!) and there were two senate pages in the little bitty car with us, a young lady and a young man. (Seriously though, this subway thing is the tiniest most twee train ever.) The guy page decided to flirt with Katie and I for the 5 minutes we shared a tiny twee traincar. It was the cutest thing ever. Katie is mid-20s, I am turning 31 in a month, and this 19 year old senate nerd is practicing his game on us. It was adorable. (sub-sub-thing number two, when I told The Boy about it later, he had the same exact reaction: “Awwww.”)

PLeasant thing the second: Last night at the Red Palace was lots of fun! We did not sell a lot of merch at all, but we got in free to see lots of cool stuff (the first band, Amour Obscur, were great! A Squirrel Nut Zippers Punky Polka kind of group, very fun! Although I may have been the only one to sing during the audience participation parts of “Minnie the Moocher.” How could everyone else resist?!) And we met lots of cool people, too. I was the first of the DCRG gang to arrive and spent some time chatting with some DC Demoncats fans (one who teasingly traitor-coughed me when I said DCDC were my fave team until the Whips came on the scene) and one of the sideshow performers (who apparently puts mousetraps on delicate parts of his body. Ouch!) I spent more time at the table with an ever-cycling cast of skaters and their significant others (now I actually know Rachel MadHo instead of just being aware of who she is) than upstairs, because I liked talking to the other girls (and our mancandy, played by Spank’s husband and Dactyl’s husband) and the people who stopped to chat with us and learn about derby (including girls who do the University Mall Rocky Horror Picture Show and a couple burlesque performers)…Mr. Dactyl gave me a sip of his Port City, which has a delicious flavor but I wasn’t crazy about the aftertaste (after a couple I’m sure I wouldn’t care, of course!) because we were talking beer earlier (and, as always, as soon as I knew they liked beer I invited them to Franklin’s, my local brewery/restaurant.) A good time was had!

Today I gave myself the day off from almost everything-no exercising, no fretting about work or school or housework. I watched some tv, saved the 1 hour eps for rewards after doing things that needed to get done (but when I felt like doing them), read, took a ridiculously long nap that I think was the last of the caffeine crash from The Great Vitamin Water Incident, as it will be referred to from here on out until I forget it happened. After napping until 6pm and laying about like a slug for another 40 minutes, I fed the cats, did some homework, and took a really long hot bubble bath (with ALL the bubbles!) and read, pausing only to take photos of my cats being fascinated by bathtime. I’m going to do a some dishes and homework if the boy doesn’t come over for a bit, and just one of the two if he does, but I am so relaxed I feel ready to start the week (hey, a week can start ANY time) in a positive way and get back on the wagon as far as working out is concerned. (I actually missed it-I think I only did it once this week! I feel so much more energy when I work out, you guys, it’s weird.)

Thank you for reading my vent yesterday and for commenting, here and on twitter. WE’ll be back to the regularly scheduled programming soon.


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