Sloooooooow Start

I meant to exercise this morning. Instead, I did not. But I did walk up the 6 floors at work and walked a mile from the National Archives to my building (I’d have walked there, too, but I was running behind.) We had a meeting there! With important people! Being important! Fancy!

The rest of the week, however, I have a plan. Tomorrow, pilates warm up and glutes workout in the morning. Wednesday, arms and abs. Thursday, pilates and legs. Friday, arms and abs (and then lots of paper working on, because it’s due on Monday)

Saturday I will be standing and wandering around the DC Armory for like 8 hours, because it’s BOUT DAY! So come to the Armory, watch hot girls in fishnets and short shorts/skirts on roller skates violently race against one another! Purchase and enjoy our beer and spiked lemonade and cotton candy and baked goods and handmade crafts and other merchandise! Then come to the after party and drink with us!


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