we’ll wash away with the evidence

oh my god you guys this week is hard. one of my final projects is due today, the other has to be done before monday, and then there’s an exam at some point (I should find out when, huh?) because apparently writing papers all semester and doing a final project aren’t enough, you have to have an exam too. :[ And no matter what time I go to bed I can’t seem to force myself up before 8 am. So my only exercise is stairs so far. I want to exercise but OH MY GOD I AM SO TIRED ALL THE TIME AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP WITH THE TV ON FOREVER.

I am definitely losing weight, though. I haven’t gotten around to measuring again, but my pants and skirts are all loose in the waist, which is nice. Did I tell you my mom noticed? My parents have weird weight issues, when I weighed 110 pounds they were warning me that I’d be widening out because I was in college, and then when I actually got to 120 pounds (the recommended weight for someone my height) they were telling me (not in so many words, as it were) that I was fat. It’s mainly a very weird way of expressing concern for my health, I know, but OH MY GOD I AM NOT. And I definitely wasn’t then. And my mom spent years offering to buy me all these weight loss program things, whatever, and I refused because I have a lot more confidence in my physicality now than I did in high school when I was a toothpick, but she’s really anxious about this. So when my mom, grudgingly, admitted that I looked like I was losing weight, it was like being awarded a prize. A completely stupid prize, but still one that’s important to me, because she’s my mom.

Remember, Saturday is the bout! Come! Watch! Enjoy! Then party after!

Oh hey, it’s Tuesday, I should go pick out a poem, shouldn’t I? I will be right back. Entertain yourself for a moment, please.

Okay, I’m back! Here’s today’s poem:

You sat with your back to me
and I waited, impatient.
You sat with your eyes to the sky,
reflecting moonlight and emptiness
even with the ceiling between you and eternity.

I held my knees to my chest,
shivering in the breeze of your disregard.
Chilly blades grow up between my toes
and I wonder if we’re rooted in place
we’ve been so long, gazing.


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