That’s Better

Yesterday kinda sucked a lot, in reverse of the previous seriously sucky day, in that it started fine and got bad. Right before I left work I got an email notification saying that I was listed as ineligible for a job I applied for, which is ridiculous, because I don’t apply for jobs unless I meet the qualifications. I didn’t have time to deal with it so I went to class and we did our final project presentation, which went fine I guess, whatever. Both my finals are due early next week (Monday and Tuesday) and that has me stressing a little. Then On the way home there was a jaywalker who I almost hit because they were walking across a major road in the rainy darkness while wearing dark clothes no where near a streetlight or crosswalk, and she didn’t even notice that I almost hit her (I was like 2 car lengths away when I saw her) which had me shaking and barely not crying on the way home, and then I found out that the reason for my ineligibility (for a library job, mind you) was “Your application does not show that you possess the license required for this specialty and grade.” Which is bullshit because there is no library license and I have worked at the grade level immediately below the salary grade of that position, which is required for applying for a higher salary grade! I TOTALLY QUALIFY! And I can’t even complain or find out why I really am “ineligible” because it says ” If you have questions regarding this notification, please call the Human Resources Office listed in the original vacancy announcement” but the original vacancy announcement is gone. I was crazy grumpy last night about all of this, and then I decided to relax with Castle and Glee, and that helped, and then people inquired via IM why I was grumpy and I got grumpy all over again explaining it. This has been a mantra for me lately (yay Doctor Who and Rory the Roman!) and I have such a hard time remembering that I will, in fact, survive all the things when I get in these moods.

Okay, so I went to bed at 10:30 last night, and while I had issues sleeping (hard to fall asleep, and then I woke at 5 am. Did that thing where you wake up JUST as you’re falling asleep over and over. I hate that.) I managed to get up happily and energetically. I followed the schedule that I set earlier this week, so today was arms and abs. Oof. It turns out that taking a week and a half mostly off from exercising does not enable you to progress in your exercising. Arms wasn’t so bad, except for the lateral raises (which I hate because my shoulders pop with each raise and I HATE that) and push-ups, which are always bad, because I am a weak weak puppy. Abs, however, was totally pathetic. Knee-to-elbow was fine, if tiring for my quads. The bicycle was fine although I did it with my eyes closed because it was too much work to hold them open while doing the exercise. Plank was okay, side plank 1 went okay, side plank 2 I was like OMGDEATH! and collapsed. What’s wrong with you, right arm? You’re supposed to be dominant! Jerk. I did 7 plank skate-taps before collapsing into a puddle of whine. I did do a full set of diamonds (they’re like skate drops only your legs form a diamond shape) but I could only do 5 skate drops. (Where you lie on your back with your feet in the air (legs bent at waist) and drop them to 6 inches from the ground and then lift back up into position.) Without weights I can do 20, but with weights my quads are like OMG FUCK YOU! I HATE YOU! But assuming I maintain my exercise schedule from here on out, I will try adding the third weight on Monday. If that is way too crazy hard, I’ll take it out again and try again Friday or Saturday.

On the upside, I have lost a half an inch off my waist! Another half an inch and I can wear my favorite long denim skirt that I have been hanging onto for forever! Yay!

Remember! For the not forgetting! This Saturday! December 10th! At the DC Armory! Come see the DC Rollergirls bout awesomely! Doors at 3, action at 4, $12 to get in for everyone over 12 years of age, $6 for kids under 12, kids under 6 free! Afterparty at Kelly’s Irish Times! Watch the girls kick ass then come out and drink with them! They won’t hipcheck you into oblivion, they promise!


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