My heart is like a baked potato

I don’t get it! I am getting 6 and a half-7 hours of sleep and am waking up ridiculously tired and then going back to sleep. Normally I have to work HARD to sleep 7 whole hours. Lately I’m like “oh, it’s been 7 hours of sleep? I need like 6 more please.” It’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so the counseling center at school is closed, so I could have had a normal day today instead of a normal Thursday. (Appointment rescheduled for tomorrow morning, don’t worry. But it’s the last one with Jeff/through school because Comps aren’t enough credits to count me as a half-time student. He’s giving me a list of cheap/sliding scale psychologists in the area so I can continue working on my issues.) What was I saying? Oh! Yes. So I ended up sleeping in until 9:45, then I did 12 minutes of pilates and the glutes workout, then got hung up in traffic when I got to the Hill. Lots of totally random traffic lights are totally not working and there aren’t cops at them to direct traffic. There was an accident at 5th and K. (I think-there was a fire engine and some other cars sitting around and a billion emergency employee types.) There was flooding on Mass. Ave, and two different protests, one of which was at The Monocle-who protests brunch?!!!! So there was a lot of traffic re-routing. I got in at 11:40. (Normally on Thursdays, I get in at 11:15.) Fortunately I called Katie and let her know and she was fine with it. CRAZY CAPITOL HILL WOO! Now I’ll be here until 5:10. Boo.

Two days to BOUT DAY! WOO!

Weekend Plan: Tonight: go to Hancock Fabrics, get elastic for the fez and possibly something else for my 2nd staff shirt (ribbon for grommets? zippers? a little fabric for sleeves? what do I want to do? I DON’T KNOW!) go home and mod the staff shirt for Saturday. Do preliminary work for Gov. Info final paper. Friday: abs and arms. Psych appointment. Write papers until madness ALMOST descends. Relax. Breathe. If there is still paper writing to do, do it. If not, clean things. Saturday: try to get up early enough to do pilates and legs. BOUT DAY BOUT DAY BOUT DAY! Booze! Sunday: relax most of the day. Monday: DAY OFF FROM WORK! WOO! Arms and abs. Finish Research and Reference final exam. Turn in finals. CLEAN. Clear ALL the things (or at least some of them) off DVR. (Working Friday instead of Monday, to make sure I have time to finish finals and also because there’s a Friday meeting.) And I have to go to the library somewhere in there too.


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