December Bout!

OMG you guys, yesterday was CRA. ZEE. Crazy. I got up and did pilates and the Off the Skates workout, made sure to stuff my belly with protein-rich foods, and headed off to the metro (early, since as always they think it is a good idea to do track maintenance on weekends rather than at night when no one is riding trains)…then came back home because I forgot my staff badge and my watch, and then back to the car to go to the metro! Next time, I will totally wear sweats over my skirt/tights, because OMG I WAS SO COLD at the end of the night. And people kept looking at me like I was a hooker. A couple stops along, Stabigail Adams got on my car, so I hung out with her for the rest of the ride, and when we got to the Armory stop, Frak You was a couple cars ahead, so we all walked to the Armory together.

I got there at 1:15 or so, because I wanted plenty of time to deal with the head bouncer setup-y things. Unfortunately, they are dependent on the track being set up, and that didn’t get finished until shortly before the volunteer meeting, so I was still taping (with help from Neil, who also works with Free State Roller Derby) when the doors opened. :/ Jason, our former head bouncer, very sweetly agreed to help me out yesterday, and thank goodness he did because we only had 8 bouncers, so there was no one outside to keep order and inform people of Armory policies before they got to the doors. We had a couple people available to head out there before the bout started, and Jason took a shift out there at 4, and it got handled. There were a few small glitches, but overall my first bout as head bouncer went really well! (Although, Carissa, I did get many monkey with cymbals jokes about my fez. Bad Asset’s fella thought Doctor Who right away though, because he is the awesomest.)

The DC Demoncats and the Whips both lost yesterday, boo (but yay for my friends on the Bombshells and SF1!) because I am apparently a bad luck charm this season. Ah, well. The Boy and I hit the afterparty and had a great time, although I think he was having a less-great time since he didn’t really know anyone (Although Ed-or-Alive is the most sociable person ever and so did not let anyone just hang out quietly for very long!) This was actually the first afterparty I had attended in my season and a half volunteering, because I am shy and wary of unfamiliar situations, but it was great! Although after 9 hours of standing (and repeatedly crouching down to write “no standing” on the tape earlier) my feet hurt like WHOA and I was glad to get home. I actually had to take tylenol to get to sleep because they hurt so much! and there is a weird red mark on my ankle that hurts, and my thighs hate me. I’m glad today is a day off for exercising!


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