Forgot about Poetry Tuesday!

Because I forgot it was Tuesday, since I had Monday off from work. So! Here is this week’s poem.

heat sinks upwards in reverse
light glistening off the golden calf
heels and hooves
the trilling of a small seed eater sounds
in the crisp fizzled breeze
time drifts, or does it fly, perhaps it strolled by and
doubled back
only to stroll by again?
hooves and heels
rough skin against smooth
leers countered with innocent smiles
pinches met with giggles
freedom from modesty
from humility
from shame and guilt
only the musk
of cinammon and greenery
sweet and sharp and
a little bit harsh
but never dangerous.



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2 responses to “Forgot about Poetry Tuesday!

  1. samatwitch

    Lovely imagery, as usual.

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