Job and apartment hunting both suck.

But my finals (and by extension, all classes EVER) are done! I just have to take my comprehensive exams in March and I will officially be a master of library science. I only hope I have the money to take the exams and also a place to live while I study for them.

Yesterday I was still wicked sore (you know you’re sore when getting up from sitting on anything makes you grunt and groan) so I didn’t exercise. Today I was gonna abs and arms it all up, but instead I slept. So tomorrow! Also, when I abs and arms it up tomorrow, I am going to try a different abs workout-I have a couple in my netflix instant queue, so I’m gonna try one of them instead of the derby workout, just to get some variety in there.

Since school is officially done for the semester, I have lots more time to workout and skate (once I clean the apartment-finals week saw it go way downhill)…I have secured my internship through June, which is good news, but it’s still only part time, which is bad news. So I am looking for FT work and PT work, but applying for federal jobs is a ridiculously long process. I have a few non-federal library applications out too, and they close this week and next, so hopefully I’ll hear soon. And I will hear an invitation to interview. *fingers crossed* I’m also going to see a DC apt today and a Riverdale house tomorrow (its a 6 br place and they’re trying to rent out the rooms-common area unfurnished, so I don’t have to store my couch and stuff)…although if I get a job before Christmas (FINGERS CROSSED SO FUCKING HARD OMG) I won’t have to move…I don’t want to have to move, you guys. And if neither apt nor house works out, and I don’t get a job, I have to move…to my parents’ house. So NOT my idea of bliss. (Theirs either, I am sure.) So, if you’re the prayin’ type, pray I get a job offer please? If you’re the good vibes type, send employment-for-Mels vibes out into the universe. And if you need an archivist, librarian, or records manager in the DC area, leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you my resume.

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  1. samatwitch

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way for a job and not having to move! Good luck!

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