still slugging.

and by slugging I mean being a slug. No fitness for me! Hope to turn this around tomorrow. In part by putting up signs all over my bedroom that say “GET UP! NO SNOOZE ALARM! GO TO WORK!”

this entry was started hours ago, and I was typing between folder appraisals, but then there was the holiday party, and OMG the archivists on the Hill shared some seriously alcoholic eggnog. it’s a good thing I have to work for a bit longer! I had like 4 ounces and I think that was 3 ounces worth of bourbon!

Stabby and Sharp Shredder wait for the jam to start in this photo accompanying the DCist bout report.

The apartment I went to see last night was a disappointment-the price in the ad was only for December, it was twice as much for the rest of the lease. Also it was tiny and smelled like boys and dirty underwear and rotten food and there were bugs in the kitchen. Hopefully the house I see tonight will be better.

Back to work!


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