And IIIIII’m from Earth! But I right the outlaw wrongs on Mars!

Yes I right the outlaw wrongs on Mars! Except for the righting of outlaw wrongs and being on Mars. (I love Thrilling Adventure Hour.)

I could not sleep at all last night until after 2. So I still did not exercise this morning. DAMMIT. I can only hope that I manage to sleep at a normal hour and get up early tomorrow and get back on track because OMG I HATE THIS.

The house I looked at last night was pretty okay. Not ideal, but definitely pretty good. It will definitely do for a while at least. Though I hope that when the two university jobs I applied for close tomorrow and Monday, I will get a call inviting me to interview right away and the interview will end with a job offer and I won’t have to move at all. *fingers crossed*

The Boy is sick, so I brought him some soup last night. It’s so weird being the not-sick one! I like it! But I also would like for the Boy to be the not-sick one.

Katie is taking me out for Japanese today. Yay, food!

Looking at the redone DCRG headshots compared to the headshots done in September, I have visibly lost weight. See?

From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

September Headshot

From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

December Headshot


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