Skatey skatey skate skate skate skate skate!

This morning I got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed Batty’s skates, and walked down the street to the parking lot for the splash park (aka: community swimming pool with slides.) I took off my sneakers, put on Bat Cat’s skates, bent my knees, and attempted to skate. For just under an hour, I went back and forth, over and over. I couldn’t stop (I never learned as a kid, I just would turn in place at the end!) unless I allowed myself to slow, inertia working for me, or I stepped into the grass (which, happily, did not cause tumbles.) I got comfortable standing (well, squatting) in the skates, and even managed to turn in place at the end of a straight away a couple times (wobbly turns, but turns!) When going slow I was able to make wide, lazy curves. I got confident. I got up some speed. I fell twice on my ass which is not so good, but I’m working on it. Then I skated down the gentle incline to where I left my sneakers. That was easy! Not too scary, though faster than I wanted to go when not on a level surface….

That’s when I got a little cocky. I skated back up, went back and forth in the mostly-level bit a few more times, and eyed the way the lot was set up. The gentle incline leads into a straight-away which leads to a not gentle incline which leads to another straight-away, box-like. “I could go in circles, down the gentle incline, up the hill! Practice! Yay!” And I started down the incline. If the lot was a track I’d get whistled at for cutting track as I turned at the bottom of the incline. If the refs noticed before I splatted on my ass, that is. Can’t turn at high speeds! I decided to call it quits for the morning, mostly because when I landed (more on my hip/thigh than ass, really) it jarred my head and I am very concerned about that in general, not to mention I’m skating sans pads. But I skated for around 50 minutes, I had fun, I got a little more comfortable on the skates, and gained a lot of points (and completed a quest!) for fitocracy. So yay, that!

When I came in I asked the rollergirls on facebook for tips on taking turns while skating quickly and to teach me how to stop. Rebel Shell is very excited and wants to go skating soon!

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