Ahhh. Much better.

With Liberty and Justice to Brawl from Kevin Blythe on Vimeo.

Video taken at the December DCRG bout, featuring several skaters

I took yesterday off to encourage my immune system to kick some ass, and it did! Yay! By dinner time my throat was not sore, and my glands were only barely swollen. This morning is the same (very very slight swelling) so I came into work. and later I will skate some more. Yay! I got very little done otherwise, yesterday. I made some food, and I cleared a good chunk of my DVR harddrive, and that’s about it. I also watched Splice on HBO, which was good, but I think there were conflicting visions for this film. Most of it was a “humans are the real monsters” type thing, then for like 15 or 20 minutes it was OH MY GOD GENETIC MONSTROSITY KILL KILL and then it ended with “wait, humans are still the monsters? And they are idiots, too? oh, okay.”

DC Rollergirl Lenore Gore Has a blog! You should read it! And while you’re at it,read her article in Five on Five Magazine about being a transgender skater. As Is aid on FB when I shared it there, I’m proud to be a part of an organization that fights for transgender rights.

And while you’re clicking indiscriminately, check out these photos by Neil Gunner from the Roller Derby World Cup, which occurred the first weekend of December.

And since it is Tuesday, a very old poem, from 2004.

its the truth, its a lie,
its what you feel inside
but you can’t untangle the two
(whispers of tomorrows darker than yesterdays)
so you wait, and you wonder,
committing blunder after blunder
but when you try and stop it, you
(rejoice in armegeddon destroying all your chances)
(landing in a stream of unconsciousness)
tripping over the easy stream of shit
bubbling out of your mouth
(drowning in the meaning of it all)
a steaming pile covering your shoes in
the stench of pretention
(drowning in the meaninglessness of it all)



December 20, 2011 · 12:32 pm

2 responses to “Ahhh. Much better.

  1. “Whispers of tomorrows darker than yesterdays” — with either the first half or second half of this phrase, I think you have the title for your first fantasy novel! Go Mels!

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