This wouldn’t happen…if ELVIS was my landlord

Dude, I woke up and my brain was congested with snots so I took a shower and some sinutab to get rid of the headache and instead I slept for hoooooooooooours. (Chicken Lady loves life!)

You might, if you are awesome, have divined that I have Kids in the Hall playing right now. It’s true, I do. And since I slept all day to get rid of a headache which is only now departing, I have not done anything fitnessy or healthy at all, except sleep, insofar as sleeping is good for you. I feel like the month of december is a wash–I skate when I can, but other than that I’ve slacked off a LOT. Gotta get back on the ball! But with the packing and cleaning, I suspect this is less than likely to occur before January. I’ll try to work it in, regardless, but I fear it is not going to be any more regular than the rest of the month. Good thing January is practically designed for kicking yourself in the ass, what with new years resolutions and all.

I don’t normally do New Years Resolutions, because 1) I am wicked awesome just the way I am, why should I change 😉 and 2) if you do something to improve yourself, why do it just because its THAT time of year? Why not do it because it’s something you want for yourself, regardless of the time of year? But this year I am making a list of goals I want to achieve in the next year, and I’ll be posting them as 2011 winds down. Today’s goal for 2012 is: Get back on track with the whole fitness thing.


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One response to “This wouldn’t happen…if ELVIS was my landlord

  1. saalon

    I’ve been considering resolving to do things I don’t want to do next year. Since I fail on every one of my resolutions, this seems like a good way to ensure there are somethings I don’t do.

    For instance: I resolve next year to allow people to guilt trip me into doing things I wouldn’t have otherwise done.

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