Merry Christmas, guys!

For non-derby gifts, in addition to the book I mentioned the other day, I got a shitload of chocolate (and some cheese and crackers and wine, all in a gift basket and a sweets tower), some girlybooze (godiva chocolate liqueur), a handmade pen and journal made of recycled paper and upcycled book covers, which is really cool looking, and a very pink toolkit the purchase of which also gave money to breast cancer research.

For derby gifts, I got the Wicked Skatewear “I Just Wanna Skate” Rookie Package (which also comes with a skate tool, and the wheels are atom wheels) so I am thrilled. Fingers crossed for knee gaskets and outdoor wheels for my birthday, but if not, that’s okay too.

The Boy got us tickets to the Nerdist live podcast at the 9:30 club in January too, but other than that I dunno what he got Christmas presents so he could have a little more time to assemble a birthday gift)

My gift to the parents is to clean the basement(s). Tomorrow dad and I are moving stuff around so that Tuesday and Wednesday, the contractor can put the drywall (which is in the big basement) up (in the little basement). I think the real cleaning will happen in January though, because we’ve been lazy and didn’t think to even think of starting until today (which we didn’t, because I cooked dinner.)

I made pan seared duck breasts with a cherry-sherry sauce, garlic spinach, and caramelized brussel sprouts, but I didn’t use butter at all, just olive oil, and we removed the fat off the duck before eating it (despite the fact that is the most delicious deliciousness ever.)

My parents also gave me a stay of execution, as far as moving goes: they don’t have much room and would rather help me financially than have me move back, so I have to talk to some people this week and see if I can still get a room in that house or get my 30 days notice rescinded.

Today’s New Years Resolution: Skate a minimum of 4 times a week.


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